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The number of diabetics in Germany is approximately 8 million people, Professor Hans Hauner from the German Diabetes Foundation says. Experts estimate nearly twice the number. Daily, one thousand new Diabetes mellitus patients are officially found by medical check. This corresponds to a growth rate of approximately five % per year. The world-wide number of diabetics is estimate to be 250 million people.

Early recognition

The outbreak of Diabetes mellitus can significantly slowdown, if the illness is recognized in time. The early recognition is very important to make everyone become aware of its severity. The budget of health insurance companies in Germany is burdened with a total care costs for diabetes of about 45 billions Euro per year.


In order to monitor the blood sugar content, patients need an appropriate measuring instrument as well as at least three test strips daily. The need of glucose test strips is in Germany about 24 millions daily - (world-wide 750 millions). A strip costs at present about 60-70 Eurocents, and approximately 1000 Euros per year for each diabetic patient must be spend alone on the test strips. No test procedure, which makes the non invasive blood sugar measurement possible, is at present available on market. World-wide more than 20 research institutes are working on this topic.


Diabetic patients need insulin. Six tons yearly are produced on the world market at present. Experts already estimate that in the year 2010 the need of insulin will rise to approximately 16 tons.


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